Additional Insureds

What is an additional insured?

An “additional insured” onto your policy means that the additional insured is covered to the same extent that the named insured on a policy is covered. An additional insured is added to an insurance policy through an additional insured endorsement. This endorsement is normally requested by the insured and is completed by the insurance agent.

Is it normal to list an additional insured on a policy.

Yes. On most commercial policies for businesses, especially for contractors liability policies, it is common to have several additional insureds added to the policy during the year. These range from landlords who request to be an additional insured on a tenant’s policy, clients who request to be named as additional insured on a contractors policy, general contractors who request to be named as an additional insured on a subcontractors policy, and vendors who request to be named as additional insured on a supplier’s policy.

Does adding an additional insured cost money?

Normally it does not cost any money to add an additional insured to a policy. Many commercial policies include a blanket additional insured endorsement, which means that anybody who requires to be listed as additional insured throughout the year will be listed at no extra premium.

How do I get an additional insured endorsement?

You must first have an insurance policy. Once you do, a simple phone call or email to your insurance broker should complete the process. At DG Insurance our goal is to issue any additional insured requests in under 2 hours. Usually an additional insured request requires the insurance agent to issue both a certificate of insurance and a separate additional insured endorsement.

Can DG Insurance help me get an additional insured listed on my policy?

Absolutely. First you need to have a policy with us, though.

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